(Open to everyone)
1.5 to 2 Hour (Wheeler Dam Loop)...........$15 / $10 (age 12 and under)
(churches, clubs, corporate, etc.)
1 HOUR...................$10/person (minimum charge $80, if less than 8 pass.)

2 HOUR...............$15/person (minimum charge $150, if less than 10 pass.)

4 HOUR*.............$30/person (minimum charge $300, if less than 10 pass.)
*This cruise may include locking thru Wheeler Dam (twice), but cannot be
guaranteed to be completed within the scheduled time.  There's no extra
charge for longer time due to lock delays.

8 HOUR**...........$50/person (minimum charge $600, if less than 12 pass.)
**This cruise includes locking thru Wheeler Dam and viewing wildlife and
fabulous waterfront homes on Lake Wilson.  We'll follow the north shore
to Wilson Dam and dock at Fleet Harbor for a lunch break.  A shuttle
to the Marriott Shoals for lunch (not incl.) at the Swampers Grille will
be available. We'll return along the south shore and try to be back at
Wheeler Marina within the eight hours, depending on lock time.
The total distance covered will be around 42 miles.
For more information, or to make a reservation
Call:  256-335-2187
All rates subject to change.
(Available almost every day (even at night!) year round!)
Scheduled cruises on most weekends (May thru November)
Call 256-335-2187 after Wednesday for weekend times.